A renovation implies an existing value worth keeping. We are experienced at identifying and leveraging the value that sets you apart from your competition. Others may only brand start-ups.  We brand tradition.

Does your brand have a plan for growth? Just as your business strategy changes, your brand strategy needs to keep pace. Over time, things change. Your capabilities. The market for your products or services. The competition.

‘I need a new name.’ Maybe. Maybe not. A brand renovation starts with a plan, based on which aspects of your brand are best supporting your business plan vs. those in need of an upgrade.

Business and professional servicesare perhaps the hardest things to brand. Yet we’ve made it our business to do just that with rich branding expertise in the services sector.  View our Success Stories.

Our Approach

  • Look inside your organization to leverage character as a unique key component of your brand strategy.
  • Understand your organization’s unique set of competencies and skills, including distinctions and accomplishments.
  • Research the “voice of the customer” to understand the language they use to talk about the value they receive.
  • Identify the competitive landscape and review messaging that’s already in your space.
  • Craft a compelling brand statement that distills it all down to the essence of your brand.

The result is a brand renovation plan to support where you want your business to grow.  Learn more.